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                                                   „Oncofertility in young men with cancer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Protect your fertility”            


                                                    will receive a one-time funding support of EUR 4300

     Si pana la urma ce este infertilitatea? Vreau si eu sa stiu!!! citeste 


Lumea se schimbă, lumea evolueaza, Romania…incotro?

Potrivit “Fertility Europe” 25 de milioane de oameni se confrunta cu infertilitatea, respectiv 1 din 6 cupluri. Nu se poate spune cu exactitate ce se intampla in Romania, intrucat datele pe care le avem sunt depasite la nivelul unui singur centru de profil, devenind astfel irelevante.


citeste ce s-a intamplat la Strasbourg aici





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Campania Newborn continua! Contribuie si tu la nasterea unui copil!


  Dr. Marilena Baluta

  Presedinte Asociatie

  Medic specialist obstetrica-ginecologie

  Embriolog senior

Our mission

The “Si eu am dreptul sa fiu parinte” association is a non-guvernmental and apolitical association that wants to provide specialized medical services for this category of population, which due to financial reasons, cannot access such type of highly specialized medical services that are not included in the package of insurances reimbursed by CAS (National Health Insurance House).

The “Si eu am dreptul sa fiu parinte” association was founded in 2016 by a group of founders from various fields of activity, who empathise with the idea of persons affected by various diseases and who do not have access to specialised treatments due to their financial situation.

Among the categories in this situation we can include infertile couples, families from underprivileged areas who have no access to medical care, young people diagnosed with various types of cancer who are undergoing treatments with curative intentions and who want to preserve their fertility but lack financial resources.